About Me

In 2023, I created wingdesirearts, a vegan and cruelty free business. I was tired of all the animal products in art materials, so I set to change that. 

Everything in my business, from the materials I use (brushes, gouache paints, watercolor paper) to the production (I use Vegan Printer for my prints and stickers) is vegan and cruelty free

Materials I use:

-HIMI and Holbein gouache

-Craftamo Cruelty free brushes

-Fabriano vegan watercolor boards

I’m a Maryland based digital and gouache artist, focusing on portraits. I love capturing the human essence in fun, bright colors, and depicting the relationship and similarities between human and non-human animals, showing that we have more in common than we think.  I also do commissions. Contact me for a custom painting!


Have questions? Want a custom piece? Let's talk!

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